Why Remote Workforce Training is Becoming a Certainty?

by Anand Tiwary August 10, 2020

Remote work may seem like a trend that is going on but the results include many positive results like a happier staff, reduced turnover and increased productivity have influenced many other companies to join this trend. The work environment is evolving and hence companies are changing their ways to hire and train employees who might partially or never be in their office. Training is an integral part of the onboarding process to make the new joiners fully aware of the various functions of the organisation. A perfect LMS with all features can deliver the same training to an employee present at the office and another employee who is halfway across the world. Here are some ways to train remote employees without having to make any compromise with their experience of the training.

Simple and Easily accessible courses

Passwords are no doubt necessary to provide security and much needed but having to enter the same password everywhere can be a bit troublesome and hence SSO or the Single Sign-On method can help to mitigate this issue by providing smooth navigation from one login platform to the other with the same credentials. It will allow the user to smoothly access all of their food-based applications with the same credentials with just one click and it can be integrated with the mobile platform to give greater flexibility to learning. An LMS with an SSO is a must and this will help the remote learners to easily access all the courses.

Localise training materials

As you innovate and create versatile arrangements for your client’s customisation, it can become increasingly difficult to keep everything in order. Your employees may be undergoing training from a number of locations over remote training devices. As such, you need to have a user-friendly interface that instantly guides the user to their training modules or picks up the progress from the last session. As it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gather the workforce in a single physical location for training and upskilling activities, more and more corporate sectors are adapting to remote training or eLearning. Remote learning provides very specific advantages for such activities as well as onboarding employees from offshore or physically far locations.

Using a cloud-based LMS provides you with the distinct advantage of providing consistent and good quality content to clients all over the world due to better accessibility, storage and user-friendliness. The best part of the process is that the cloud allows your digital database to be centralised as well as globally accessible. This makes the process of content creation and eLearning easy for you as well as your learners. With a cloud LMS such as the one provided by, you can onboard new employees or create an access portal for employees working from remote locations very easily.

To make the learning process as convenient as possible

It has been found statistically that more than 70% of the organisations who can boost their staff performance can also deliver courses or learning quick enough to meet the requirements of the business. A sorry like this requires skill development and continuous learning. Thus the remote training will be accessible to everyone from everywhere. The solution to this problem is to design a native LMS approach for Android and iOS which can allow your workforce to learn on the go or through the most used technology by everyone or also known as mobile phones. Hence remote workforce can be easily trained and they are the inevitable situation post Pandemic also as they are more profitable than employees for whom office space and other facilities need to be provided.

To make it an interactive experience

The world of today is greatly shaped by technological innovations and employees can be constantly reached out to vis emails, phone calls or WhatsApp and they are surrounded with information. This does put your E-learning course up for some tough competition with distractions that are present online especially when they are not direct supervision. Hence features like video, Gamification and discussion forums help to keep the attention of the learner in the LMS which will increase their retentivity.

Thus now you know some of the reasons as to why remote workforce training is inevitable and if you need any help with the creation of courses, then you should visit, where you can make the best online courses and dodge all blind spots and make the perfect course with the best tools available out there.

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