How to Manage the Set up of Your Academy

  1. Go to the “Academy Settings” Tab in the left side Menu and select “General Settings”

  2. Select the Currency in which you wish to sell your courses and receive payments

  3. After saving the desired currency and other settings move on to the “Certificate Settings”

  4. In the “Certificate Settings” edit the background image and colour, Font and text to be displayed in the certificates generated for your Online Academy

  5. In the “Social Logins” enter your Facebook App ID and Secret Key and Google Client ID and Client Secret Key. In case you do not have either follow the Tool Tips and create the IDs and link them to your Online Academy to maximise the reach of your Online Academy

  6. Through the “Payment Settings” select the mode of collection of payment. You can either choose to enter your PayPal Account details or any alternate method of collection. Or you can opt for both

  7. Next in the “Send Email Settings” check whether the From Name, From Email ID and Signature for all outgoing emails from your Online Academy are in order. Make any necessary changes (if required) and save

  8. Go to the “Point Your Domain” and follow the steps to make URL of your Online Academy from subdomain of to your own domain name.