5 Reasons Why Online Education is More Cost Effective

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

Affordable and available internet has largely influenced our lives. Every day, the internet expands its vast knowledge grasp to include more and more topics. At CreateOnlineAcademy, you can begin or continue your journey as a teacher and influencer in an extremely cost effective manner. The Internet is integrated into every smartphone, tablet and laptop. That’s the best part about teaching an online class- you don’t need half of the resources that traditional classes require. Let’s explore more reasons that make e-learning super effective and pocket-friendly.

Online education is nothing but the virtual version of a traditional schooling method. There are professors, well-designed course materials, and most importantly a recognized degree of competence after successful completion of the course. This kind of education requires you to enrol with an institution which seeks to offer the same, and you can continue with your learning process at your home with the supplied study materials and classes taken by allotted professors. Classes are mostly taken over video conferences and calls, so having a strong internet connection and a webcam are basic requisites. Videos with professors giving pre-recorded lectures might also be made available to you. If you’re looking to upskill yourself or find affordable education then let us understand why e-learning is your solution:

  1. Saves the cost of accommodation: Attending colleges that are far away from your home, would require you to manage a place to stay around the educational institution. Well, this alongside the loss of the homely atmosphere, it would also cost you a fortune to rent good places for accommodation. Going online for education would not only let you have your education at the comfort of your home but also save you a lot of bucks which you have spent otherwise while attending colleges physically.
  2. Saves the cost of travelling: This is as obvious as it can get. If you have to attend your educational institution physically, you would, of course, need to travel from your place to the required destination. This amount can totally be saved if you opt for an online course. You get the same utility but at the minimization of a daily recurring cost! Elimination of the physical cost of travelling which includes tiredness and fatigue goes without saying.
  3. No effect of infrastructure on tuition fees: When setting up an educational institution, there are a lot of costs incurred. The infrastructure of the college which includes setting up hostels, cafeterias, dormitories, classrooms, faculty and administrative offices require a lot of investment, and of course, a fraction of this cost is drawn up from the tuition fees of students who want to avail education at that institution. Since none of these costs will be incurred while providing education online, a fraction of these costs are non-existent on the tuition fees, and thus online education has one more point to be more cost-effective than the traditional model of education.
  4. No cost of buying study material: Traditional schooling requires you to buy a lot of books, journals, magazines and college study materials for your course. All of them come at a cost. In online mode of education, there is absolutely nothing to buy since all of your course and study material will be sent to you virtually, and you can access it on your device. Well again, additionally since time comes with a price too, online study material also saves you a lot of time in searching through hundreds of pages for relevant information.
  5. Diverse Faculty: Online education firms do not have any cost of heavy infrastructure like buildings, classrooms, playgrounds, faculty offices etc. Thus, they can use the money saved here towards hiring a greater number of diverse faculty. A proportionately large number of faculty ensures nobody has a similar kind of load a traditional on-field and thus can be paid a lot less than them. Online teaching firms can always hire part-time faculty and prospective teachers who are currently pursuing their degrees as interns at comparatively low prices. These add up and have a huge impact on lowering the online education tuition fees by a huge amount.

In this time where the world is so fast and always in the pursuit of better and effective opportunities, online education has a fair case to make for students to choose it over the traditional way of schooling. At, online classes save times, energy and most importantly your finances. Traditional schooling might have its own advantages but if measured against its online counterpart, falls short on most areas. So if you are thinking about an effective yet low-cost educational programme, online education is the way to go!

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