Top 10 Features

A snapshot of the reasons why you should choose us as your e-teaching solution

No knowledge of Computer Programming is Required and yet you get a separate online Academy with your Own URL and Design.
You get a ready-made e-teaching website backed with Learning Management System and Webinar functions with which you can conduct live classes online.
You can take fool-proof exams and interviews without the need of an invigilator or additional support to ensure a true online examination.
Your e-teaching website will be available for online teaching from mobile and pads. (Responsive template)
Your online academy will consist of Webinar features to run your own live classroom. You will get tools that lets you teach classes live. Some of the features include 1-1 chat, text and video chatrooms, whiteboarding, screensharing and many others.
You can set mandatory reading time for your contents and also earn profit (we won’t charge commission for that) by selling those downloadable contents online in your own e-teaching platform, created by us.
After creating the website we also guarantee full support (under judicial oath) to help you design the website using inbuilt features, in case you need and that too without any extra cost.
After you get the website - you can create unlimited number of courses (depending on the pricing plan you choose) and users comprising of any number of Sections and Lectures.
E-teaching website will have PayPal integrated where you can add your account and start earning from the online courses and classes.
You will get 1 month Money Back Guarantee

What more can You Expect?

One-of-a-kind features customised specially for you

Our unique solution Create Online Academy Guru 1.1 will generate a fully customizable e-teaching website for you.
Your Online Academy will have an advanced Learning management system.
Your Online Academy will also have webinar system embedded to take Live classes
Systems for taking Foolproof online exams and Certificate designing are also embedded.
You may choose your own domain name for your e-teaching website.
No computer programing is required and you can design your own on-line Academy.
Your Website will be hosted on our Server, which is fast (on Content delivery network) and secured. Thus even no hassle for server management and hosting at your end.
Unlimited number of users (students and partner teachers) may register in your on-line academy.
Even then we guarantee full support to help you design the website, in case you need and that too without any extra cost.
E-teaching website will have PayPal integrated where you can add your account and start earning for the online courses and classes.
No hidden costs and the plans include all the features.
DIY interface of customizable template will be available in your E-teaching website. You may choose name of pages as desired and fill up the contents which can be in any forms of media.

Features of Learning Management System

LMS is the most critical element of any e-teaching platform. Here is what we are offering

At the start the E-teaching website created by you will have blank learning management system.
You can create unlimited number of online courses there.
The course will be consisting of Sections and Chapters, where content can be very easily inserted by you.
Course content can be any of type of media- text, photo, video, flash programs, etc. in nearly all type of formats. You can also insert Term Exams along with the lectuers in the course.
'No-Skip' feature to stop students to skip a lecture or jump directly to other lectures without completing pre-requisite lectures.
You can make your media library in which different types of media can be uploaded and stored which you can later insert into your courses as you require.
You may schedule live webinars in the courses.(features of which are provided Separately “Features of Webinar System" )
Unlimited number of users (Guest Teachers and Students) may join your academy.
Term Exams(With the lectures in the courses)and Final Exams can be created by selecting the questions from the Question Bank where you can create unlimited number of questions in any of the given five formats.

Features of Webinar System

Take the Advantage of Live Online Classes embedded with this e-teaching platform

Seminar on web, also known as Webinar, lets you conduct live session with your students.
You will have full control over the classes, i.e. you can give permission to students to come on video, share files, etc.
In itself webinar function is a Learning management system where you can share contents while taking live classes in the fashion of video conferencing.
You will get features like unlimited number of blackboards for comprehensive online teaching.
Any type of content (text, video, photo, power point, pdf etc.) and in every possible format can be uploaded in the library and shared during session.
Video streaming, Polls and short test can be conducted in the live classes in the webinar.
Webinar class can be recorded and embedded in the main learning management system.

Features of Foolproof Test Taking System

Take authentic online exams without the need for invigilators or special computer system through our unique LMS

You may design test papers in several available templates including Multiple Choice and Subjective Questions.
Increased accuracy and vigilance during examinations as our system ascertains that students cannot copy/paste content.
Your system will take camera shoots of examinee, periodically to let you assess the intentions and attitude of examinee while taking test. That time period of taking camera shots will be configured by you.
All these records will be stored and is thus useful for any audit of your on-line academy.

Other useful details

Your website will get periodically updated with new features without you having to apply for them like automatic social network integration of your online academy for easy sharing of your events,content and marketing of your academy and courses.
You will automatically get all the easy tools integrated for having an effective student- teacher interaction.Enjoy features like interaction between teachers and students asynchronously. Students can follow other teachers and students creating vibrant and engaging virtual academy

Upcoming updates

Forum functionality wil be added in your academy so that you may configure a public forum inside your website for the students,visitors.
Courses will be made downloadable, so that you can sell them to the users without enrolling them as students.
Integration with your academy's facebook page . So that it automatically shows you courses, events and other updates.

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