Create Online Courses: Most Effective Techniques Everyone Should Use

Since 1993, online education has been a legal form of teaching that allows millions of teachers, homemakers, motivational speakers, vocational teachers, bloggers, vloggers and other people to express their knowledge and share it with thousands of people over the world wide web. If you’re reading this post then you have some unique information that you would love to share with the world’s learners but you don’t know how to take your classes online.  Whether you are already playing around with the idea of an online academy or you are just scrolling this article to gain some insights into online courses, we have some information that will surely get you hooked onto the idea. Read on to know more about online courses, how they are created and what makes them perfect for your teaching journey.

What are online courses all about?

From 1990-2010, the worldwide web took over the world at a phenomenal speed. With the advent of the online mode of knowledge sharing, came online courses and digital academies.  The task of digital academies, as well as traditional modes of learning, remain the same: Sharing of knowledge.

  • Are you a blogger who wishes to share beauty tips and routines with followers?
  • Are you a teacher who wants to reach more and more students with less investment into resources such as classrooms and other paraphernalia?
  • Are you a motivational speaker looking out for a good LMS where you can create digital lessons for your followers?

CreateOnlineAcademy is one such amazing online platform where all of the above goals are met. You can create content out of your own knowledge and other researched materials from the internet and share it with your viewers for a fee. Basically, online education is all about making the learning process more efficient and easy. With access to detailed videos, Q&A forums e-learning has now become a wholesome experience that is preferred by a large number of students. Most importantly, online education is 72% more affordable than formal education and it also covers more topics and subjects than formal education curriculum present worldwide. There are a number of aspects that create a great online course such as a good learning environment and assessment techniques.

Where can you create online courses?

Creating online courses can be easily broken down into a few simple steps. However, before we move on to how we can create online courses, we need to focus on the platforms where we can make online courses and reach potential learners. There are a number of online platforms that you can use to publish your content or take live classes that your students can log into. Depending on the features of the online platform, you will be able to create highly intensive and directed courses that share your knowledge with millions of users and learners. To create a truly brilliant online academy, you need to make sure that you have a great LMS or Learning Management System. From online surveys, it is clear that students find it easier to learn and focus on online courses designed on platforms having exceptional LMS. However, if you are new to the game then you will be wondering a few things:

What is an LMS and why is it so essential to the courses that I want to build on online platforms?

As you explore different content and wish to add changes to your online content and finetune it, your LMS will become your best friend or your worst enemy. To make your online academy engaging and most importantly unique, you need to make sure that you are working with the right LMS. Some of the most important benefits of a great LMS are as follows:

  • It allows you to fine-tune your course to particular viewing devices. For example, it will help you to curate and add multiple video content to webpages for viewing through laptops and tablets while also creating a more brisk edition filled with infographics for viewers accessing the course via mobile phones.
  • Tracking student engagement and their performance metrics is a very important task for online academy mentors. Here, your LMS helps you to receive feedback and organise easy assessment tasks that will help you to build a more comprehensive course. This will also help you to track engagement metrics and finetune some aspects of your course using the feedback.
  • The LMS that you choose will often decide the success or failure of your online academy and the major reason for this is the support and flexibility functions that an LMS inherently provides you. To have easy access to strong technical support and people engaged with the success of your courses, make sure that you choose a great LMS.

At, you can build your online courses using one of the most premier LMS in the market today. You can also get instant access to a large number of insights and tools that will help you to not only create some of the best online courses but also make it sell to your target demographic. Check out the link today to get access to everything you need to build an amazing and most importantly successful online academy.

How can you create online courses?

Now that you know what to look for while choosing an LMS, its time to cover some basics on how should you go about the business of creating your online course or academy. The next 5 subsections cover the basic steps that will help you to create your online courses easily.

  • Content curation: The first (and quite possibly the most difficult) step of creating an online course is to decide the bandwidth of your course content. You need to curate content from the web or create video lectures and infographics that you wish to share with your online followers. Following this, you need to finetune the content to make sure that it is engaging and attractive for your chosen demographic. For example, you need to break up big video lectures into easily absorbable snippets that students prefer. This step is the basic building block that defines the tone and subject matter of your online course. Depending on the topic of your course as well as the target demographic, you can choose the type of content (e.g. video, infographics, text formats etc). This step is a crucial part of the development of your online academy and requires careful attention.
  • Addition of graphics: After choosing your desired LMS and your core topics for the online course, you need to make sure that your content stands out to your viewers. To make your course truly unique, having great lectures or assessment tasks is not enough. For this step, you need to pay special attention to the users and learners that you want to target for your specific course. Following this, you need to add graphics and other elements that appeal to the senses of the learners and help them engage more strongly with the course. Platforms such as offers you with a number of tools and analytics that help you to not only design an attractive/unique online course but also to help you monitor the growth and engagement metrics of your online academy. 
  • Market research and finetuning: Every idea is teachable but not every course can turn a profit. If you wish to create some revenue from the online courses that you’re building then this step is ultimately crucial. To understand whether your course is a hit or miss within your target demographic, you need to track their responses to your course. One of the many ways of doing this is through discount offers and free trial versions of your course that you can email to learners or share the link via messages. Following this, you can track their performance metrics as well as insights about their engagement with the course. This data will help you finetune your course and get the right profits from your online courses.
  • Marketing: You probably know that nothing on the internet gains popularity unless it is target-specific and designed with finesse to attract the attention of its target demographic. Once your online course has been designed and brought live, you need to constantly track the engagement metrics and generate reports. Using this data, you need to make sure that your course remains attractive and actually gains popularity as more and more learners join your course or finish it. If you notice your students are beginning to leave the course unfinished or some aspect of the course is distracting, then you need to make further changes to ensure healthy growth.

When should you create online courses?

With the arrival of 2020, internet penetration rates have soared to new heights with northern Europe leading the fray at 95% and all other regions maintaining high percentages above a minimum of 48% worldwide. All this techno-speak indicates a simple truth that more and more individuals are gaining access to the internet. Simply put, every major region has more than half of its population hooked up to an internet connection that they actively use. These high percentages are definitely in your favour if you are a budding online course/academy creator. The year 2020 is perfect for you to create online courses or video lectures especially because of the following reasons:

  • Cutting edge LMS platforms
  • Superior graphics
  • Addition of tools and analytics that make online teaching more engaging and less disconnected.
  • Affordable costs and minimised expenses on resources such as classrooms.
  • Greater chances of creating amazing profits as more and more people switch to e-learning for their needs.

Whether you are a Youtuber, motivational speaker, educational mentor or even a new mentor teaching specific skills such as baking or painting, you can share your ideas and knowledge freely using online courses. The resources and the steps to create such online academies have been highlighted above but when should you think about creating an online course?

  • Do you wish to share your knowledge with people across the world wide web?
  • Are you sure that your content I engaging enough to turn a profit and attract learners from across the globe?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then now is the time to take your content live using platforms such as Visit their website to explore the range of teaching tools and analytics that they offer along with a cutting edge LMS that will make sure that your experience of online academy creation is a smooth ride.

Which online courses should you create?

With more and more people surfing the internet for knowledge about various topics, 2020 is a great time for you to create online courses. However, not every idea for an online course is profitable or sound businesswise. If you want to create constant revenue from your online courses then you probably need to explore some of the course topics that have a vast audience ready to receive your content.
Here’s a list of some of the online course topics that you can explore to create an online course that is sure to turn profits.

  • Programming courses and IT sector paraphernalia: Statistics show that the IT industry is one of the largest sector globally and more and more young minds wish to learn skills to enter that world. Creating online courses that teach various programming languages or help them to learn relevant topics that will benefit their thirst of landing jobs is sure to attract a large crowd to your online academy. You can also range out towards exploring some course ideas such as setting up some complicated systems that IT professionals have expertise on and simplify it for other people wishing to understand the subject.
  • Grooming, Leadership and management courses: Grooming and leadership skills are a bonus in every sphere of our lives. The reasons why many people want to learn these skills range from casual interest to a professional urge to upskill their personality to stand out from the crowd. If you are a Youtuber or a motivational speaker or a person who knows about some handy tricks that can help people achieve these skills then you have the perfect idea for your online course!
  • Languages learning courses: Statistics show that 68% of people refer to online courses to help with their language learning lessons. The reason for this is simple: Languages are tricky to understand without the numerous content that is available through online platforms and courses. So if you are a creative teacher who then you can easily come up with some quirky lessons to teach your language through online lessons.
  • Lifestyle, skincare and fitness lessons: With the world moving at a fast pace, many individuals feel the needs to slow down and focus on their body’s needs. Rising concerns regarding fitness and lifestyle choices also make it very profitable to create an online course with lessons regarding these topics. Whether you are a yoga trainer or a YouTuber who can suggest amazing homemade recipes for skincare, you can curate these contents into amazing online courses that will surely turn a profit as they attract more and more followers.

If you are a budding professional who wants to create an online course but is stuck on any of the above steps then can help you achieve your goals. To create seamless and engaging online courses that create profits, all you need to do is focus on the core content of your online course and log onto where you will have access to a large number of course building tools and additional analytics tools to help you finetune and curate your content. With 2020 announcing the highest number of online course subscriptions of all time, now’s the time for you to grab the opportunity to launch your own online academy!

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