How to Create and Sell Successful Online Courses?

I’m sure most of you were aware of these advantages of e-learning and the growing popularity of online courses for everything. However, not many of you know exactly how easy it is to create and sell courses online. Typically, the process remains the same but you do not need to be bothered with the hassle of technicalities with the help of modern tools and platforms such as Now that we’ve got you hooked, let us go through the five simple and easy to do step that will help you create your own e-learning videos courses and begin an online academy.

What are the ways to create and sell online courses?

Before we begin with designing and launching your online academy, you will probably need to analyse the content of your courses and decide the bandwidth of data that you want to share with your learners. Once your content and other details are finalised, you need to find a suitable outline or training module that takes learners through your online course in a guided manner. Some of the steps involved in this process include creation of milestones that learners can try to achieve. As an online course creator, you need to make sure that your course is never boring or traditional. So far, you have already covered more than half of the hard work required to create an online academy. Now you need to focus on making your content accessible and engage worthy for your learners. All online courses are a success or failure depending on their accessibility. If your organic reach isn’t high, or learners from your chosen demographic aren’t encountering your course then quite simply, no one will be interested in your course. You need to make sure that you provide your learners with a glimpse of the material of the course: a bite-sized demo that is interesting and intriguing but doesn’t reveal all the important details at first go.

To engage learners you can do the following things:

  • Embed the link on your website
  • Email the links to your learners
  • Share the link via messaging apps with your learners

Where can you create and sell online courses?

At we offer full guidance to our clients to host and market their online courses. Here are few steps which will help you boost your online business.

Identify your audience

Get as proper idea as you can about who your target audiences are. Know their demographics. Ask yourself what do they want to learn? You can also think why do they need to learn it? Sometimes people pursue online courses to gain a certification to advance their careers Sometimes they just learn an essential skill that will improve their prospects or achieve compliance in their industry. These are few types of courses that people will pay for. It has certain value to them because it helps them to achieve their goals.

Follow the Forums and Social Media Pages

You need to stalk your potential learners, online. Check out their forums. Learn about them. Get to know their likes, desires and gripes.

Find out what frustrates them. What things do they desire from the existing courses? Identify the gaps in the courses available in the market. That will help you to mould your course offer to address their inner motivations more directly and thus create real value. Talk to a few of them – it can’t hurt, and you can get valuable insights.

Pitching is so Important

Place your course as per your audience. Do not pitch something which will go over their head, entirely. Remain approachable in your pitch. Do not sound too obscure. People do not desire to go back to school where they were made to feel bad. Online courses should be fun. That is why you should make it sound fun. Be it professional courses or regular life skill courses you can definitely pitch it in an attractive way.

Focus your Courses on Your Expertise

Find your niche and aim to build a brand in it. Do not go wayward in your pursuit. Unless you have a substantial budget and you aim to run a whole online university, you’ll need to have a specialty. Even if you are building an online university, then also focus on a typical type or pattern of courses. Do not mix it too much. It will dilute your brand.

How can you create and sell online courses?

Teaching through digital means has become common now with the increasing popularity of online courses and digital tutorials. However, there are a number of challenges that instructors face when they are trying to teach via online platforms. One of the most important factors in the learning process is the presence of a good learning environment. As the instructor of a digital academy or an online course, you may not think that you can do much to improve the learning process of your students outside of your content, but there are a number of things that you can do to influence this. Whether you are thinking about creating an online course via platforms such as or you have an existing digital academy that you wish to improve, the following sections may help you improve the learning process for your learners.

To understand the components of a good e-learning environment, all instructors need to take up a creative approach towards learning and their courses. The aim is to provide your learners with the tools and the resources so that they have the best learning experience combined with effective retention of the material taught via the online courses. To design a good e-learning environment you need to ask yourself questions such as “What activities can I promote that will engage my target demographic and push them to apply their learning?” or "what activities may be designed to engage interest and promote learning?". Typically, assessment strategies such as quizzes and progress checks combined with a culture of fun learning and application of knowledge through interactive activities are always successful with learners of diverse demographics. Adding these components to your course will not only enhance the engagement metrics of your online courses but it will also raise the success rate of your course as more and more learners will be able to secure knowledge and perform better.

Now that we understand the need of a positive learning environment as well as the necessity of various engaging components that will hold on to the interest of your learners, let us focus on some factors that promote good learning habits.

  • Supportive forum and Q&A sessions: It helps to solve the doubts and questions of the readers so that they can interact mutually and apply their knowledge to solve questions provided by other learners as well
  • Creative mentorship programs: These help to identify and address the needs of diverse learners
  • Positive feedback and success celebrations: Students love to be appreciated for their hard work or their successes. As mentors or instructors, providing positive feedback can motivate your learners to focus and achieve more
  • These practices will help you create online courses that learners keep coming back to. is a platform where you can find all the resources and tools necessary to build an interactive course equipped with all the components of a good learning environment.

  • Positive feedback and success celebrations: Students love to be appreciated for their hard work or their successes. As mentors or instructors, providing positive feedback can motivate your learners to focus and achieve more

These practices will help you create online courses that learners keep coming back to. is a platform where you can find all the resources and tools necessary to build an interactive course equipped with all the components of a good learning environment.

When should you create and sell online courses?

With the arrival of 2020, internet penetration rates have soared to new heights with northern Europe leading the fray at 95% and all other regions maintaining high percentages above a minimum of 48% worldwide. All this techno-speak indicates a simple truth that more and more individuals are gaining access to the internet. Simply put, every major region has more than half of its population hooked up to an internet connection that they actively use. These high percentages are definitely in your favour if you are a budding online course/academy creator. The year 2020 is perfect for you to create online courses or video lectures especially because of the following reasons:

  • Cutting edge LMS platforms
  • Superior graphics
  • Addition of tools and analytics that make online teaching more engaging and less disconnected
  • Affordable costs and minimised expenses on resources such as classrooms
  • Greater chances of creating amazing profits as more and more people switch to e-learning for their needs

Whether you are a Youtuber, motivational speaker, educational mentor or even a new mentor teaching specific skills such as baking or painting, you can share your ideas and knowledge freely using online courses. The resources and the steps to create such online academies have been highlighted above but when should you think about creating an online course?

Do you wish to share your knowledge with people across the world wide web?

Are you sure that your content I engaging enough to turn a profit and attract learners from across the globe?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then now is the time to take your content live using platforms such as Visit their website to explore the range of teaching tools and analytics that they offer along with a cutting edge LMS that will make sure that your experience of online academy creation is a smooth ride.

Which online courses should you create and sell?

Whilst creating online courses is now not a challenge but making constant money from it remains a hurdle. Plenty of web-based platforms now offer you a chance to host your online academy. However, they do little to boost the business and before you know it you end up paying the monthly rentals with almost no return.

But it does not have to be like this. According to the rising cost of formal education is motivating more students to enroll online. The statistics forecast remains positive throughout the decade of 2020 to 2030. That means it is the best time, for you, to start your online business.

I will be honest with you. Not all course ideas are sellable, unless you have a ready audience for it. That is why we are keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends of the market letting you know which online courses are selling the most.

Computer Programming Courses

There is no doubt denying the fact that the tuition fees for technology courses are the highest in the market. That is why many students are opting for online technology degrees. The universities are also taking advantage of the situation and offering online versions of their courses to enhance their affordability. Technology courses like Python Programming and Machine Learning are big hits in the market. So, if you are technology geek who wants to earn some extra bucks then do not hesitate to open your online academy with us. Our fascinating platform and lucrative features will enable you to attract a huge pool of students from the first month itself.

Language Learning Courses

The world is becoming a small place and before you know it you might have to shift to another country, altogether. Now if they do not speak English you will be in a bit pickle. That is happening to many people around the world. Be it French, Spanish, or Mandarin, online language learning courses are booming on a daily basis.

Many English teachers also relocate to China or Europe. So, whilst they teach English to the students the teachers themselves need to master the local tongue. That is why the foreign language courses are thriving. So if you happen to ‘parle français’ or ‘hable español’ then do not hesitate to use our online course creator and upload some awesome tutorials and earn thousands of dollars from that.

Online Parenting Courses

The changing social structure is breaking down the concept of large families. There is more number of single parents, now in the planet, than ever before. The dual stress of work and parenting put these individual under immense pressure. That is why online parenting courses and supports are gaining much attention amongst the urban dwellers.

So if you are a single parent already running a successful parenting blog then use our web platform and generate a steady income. Our prices are very affordable and it would not hurt your purse. But on the other hand you can share your parenting tips and help the money to pay your son’s school fees and your daughter’s soccer practice sessions.

Online Management Courses

Be it marketing or finance many professionals, working in the industries, are pursuing online degrees in management and business administrations. Project management courses and degrees are of course a big hit followed closely by financial management and Online Digital Marketing Degrees.

So if you are an expert lecturer in any Business School or an Economist having a day job then you can always create an online academy thereby helping millions of potential professionals who are constantly seeking online masters’ degrees in management studies. With the help of our online academy creator you can evaluate the students and give the certificates. This adds a professional edge to your course and offers you the desired credibility.

Online Lifestyle Courses

Starting from online nutritional guidelines to daily yoga tips the online spectrum is full of lifestyle courses which people are registering to at a constant rate. With the stress of our regular lifestyle people are seeking guidance and help in the digital world. According to the trend analysis of people now rely on online advices more than the advices of their friends and acquaintances.

So if you are a lifestyle coach or a nutritionist then it is the best time for you to create your own platform with your own URL and generate steady income from it. These kinds of courses are likely to get instant attention and the best part is that any kind of people can potentially become your student.

If you are a budding online teacher who wants to create an online course but is stuck on any of the above steps then can help you achieve your goals. To create seamless and engaging online courses that create profits, all you need to do is focus on the core content of your online course and log onto where you will have access to a large number of course building tools and additional analytics tools to help you finetune and curate your content. With 2020 announcing the highest number of online course subscriptions of all time, now’s the time for you to grab the opportunity to launch your own online academy!

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