6 Things to Ensure a Healthy Student Engagement in your Online Academy

by Anand Tiwary October 13, 2020

Ensuring a proper student engagement, in a physical classroom, is challenging. The challenge intensifies when you are operating an online academy. Many e-teachers have expressed this agony as they dread that the lack of physical encounter might make the learners lose interest in the courses.

However, over the past few years, many online educators and e-learning experts associated with us at have figured out the use of the various advantages we provide as an online academy creator for keeping the students engaged.

 Single Sign-On for Learners:

The learners registering for the online courses can do that directly from their social profiles like LinkedIn or Facebook. This gives the learners the added incentive of connecting with the online academy with their personal profiles. The courses they are pursuing becomes their social identity and the prestige adhered to it keeps them engaged.

Interactive Discussion Board

This is perhaps the most important of all student engagement strategies. In a traditional classroom, students learn well by engaging with other students and the professor. Asking questions, receiving feedback, and externally processing the material helps students to better understand and to better retain the information are the few advantages all online teachers can gain from our interactive discussion board.

Video Based Courses

Online educators in the last decade or so have leveraged immensely from the video based learning contents and the use of video in learning and entertainment has also increased exponentially. Another simple reason for using video contents for e-learning is the fact that videos are entertaining. It keeps the learners engaged into the matter and they learn quickly. A well-made video with proper sound quality and visuals can help you get your audiences hooked for a longer duration.

Smaller Lecturers

A recent study has revealed that longer courses tend to perform poorly over time. Online students do not spend hours in front of their screens. They learn on the run. They focus on finishing off with some courses and exercises and then they move on to the next one.

That is why in employee trainings also it is essential that you break the modules down in to smaller components. Give personalized targets and daily course suggestions to the employees. Make a list of small and connected synchronous courses with us.

Gamify Assessment Tests

Assessments can be a turn-off for online learners. Recent research claim that many online students de-register when it comes to tests and quizzes. If the game is too visually distracting, learners might lose focus and end up skimming over the learning material. If the game is too centered on teaching, employees might find it overwhelming and lose interest fast. So, balancing employee learning needs, your expectations, and gameplay, should be first on your checklist when implementing serious games.

Regular Feedback

Make sure that you as the teacher interact with the students as much as you would in a traditional classroom. Respond to their discussion posts. Provide feedback for their media presentations. If a student emails you with a question, try to respond within twenty-four hours.

This is important for at least two reasons. First, when you provide routine feedback, you show that you care about your students and their educational development and that you take their education seriously. Additionally, you make yourself more approachable. Students who feel that they have a dedicated and approachable teacher are more likely to invest in your class by focusing more on lessons and actively entering discussions and providing feedback. is one of the most advanced online academy creator and online course builder in the industry. In order to get hold of all the latest trends of the e-learning industry you can check out our latest features.

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