Advantages of Bite-Size Learning

by Anand Tiwary June 18, 2020

Did you know that 45% of users skip through big chunks of online courses? An additional 27% goes through courses at 2x speed to save time. As an online course creator, you want to avoid this fate. To understand why students do this, you may need to go through your course with a student’s concerns in mind.

Keeping this in mind, a simple question arises. What can you do to make sure that your students do not skip through your online course? What can ensure that your courses remain interactive and engaging rather than dull chunks of jargon?

The answer is simple: Bite-sized learning. Courses that focus on bite-sized learning are more popular with learners because they focus on creating simple learning nuggets that can be used by them to just focus on the basics of the course. These learning nuggets are even more essential to the corporate crew and other learners with a full plate of tasks and a busy schedule. In this article, we have come up with some hardcore benefits of bite-sized learning which you can use to create and sell online courses.

Reasons why you need to implement bite-sized learning

  1. Less is more: Nowadays, everyone is pressed for time and they simply do not have the patience to sit and slog over a course that isn’t streamlined or segmented into small chunks that they can easily grasp. Bite-sized learning provides an easy solution to this problem. Rather than simply chunking your course content into meaningless small chunks, you can create wholesome modules that act as learning nuggets full of information that a reader can grasp at one go. To make this successful, you need to ensure that your content is also visual, efficient, easily readable and simple.
  2. Just-in-time learning: Have you ever opted in for a course as a last-minute preparation for an exam or interview? In such cases, most students would absolutely hate a course which has slow progress. As an online course builder, you need to focus on creating a course that is flexible and appealing to your target audience. Creating small nuggets of segmented modules of the whole courses allows you to provide a flexible learning path that students can take up at their leisure.
  3. On-demand access and flexibility: User behaviour indicates that most students prefer to have some control over their learning path. You can easily create online courses that provide them with a flexible learning path using bite-sized learning. Not only does this allow your students to access the course at their own pace, but it also makes your course attractive for learners who have already studied the topic of your course but they want to cover them again for revision or better understanding. This expands your audience base and provides flexible control to your learners.
  4. Visually appealing: By design, learning nuggets are created to be visually appealing. This is because students learn more with visual and audio experiences rather than theoretical jargon over a screen. is the ultimate online course building platform that provides you with multiple online course building tools that can help you create graphics and bespoke designs that will engage your learner positively.
  5. Agile and time-saving: Streamlining your course and creating modules or learning nuggets can actually save you a lot of time and money. Not only that, but your students will also love the changes so you might consider this a win-win. Streamlining your course makes it agile and time-saving for learners, which is a huge attraction for corporate training modules as well as academic courses.
  6. High impact power-learning: Time is precious for everyone and as we discussed previously less is more for learners. The reason why bite-sized learning may be considered as the future of online courses is the high impact power learning that it delivers to students. Because of the streamlined design and flexible access, readers can make the absolute most of their time and also enjoy visual aids to help them retain what they learn. Hence, the design needs to be made in such a way that visual aids and cues guide them through the learning nuggets and assessments create an additional layer of memory retention that creates a lasting image for students. is the ultimate platform where you can gain access to online course builder tools that help you to create and sell online courses with all of the benefits mentioned above. Along with this, COA also provides a number of tools and marketing solutions that are exclusive amongst all other SaaS for LMS.

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