Do Your Course Content Fit the Need of the Online Learners

by Anand Tiwary August 08, 2020

E-learning courses can be created from myriad topics and they can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of almost any educational institute or academic curriculum. However, all ideas and topics are not sellable. Some topics may not have a demand amongst e-learners while some courses might be too complex or contain limited resources to properly attract the attention of students online. So what can you do to make sure that you focus your time, money and resources on developing the right kind of e-learning course?

In this article, we are going to explore some of the steps that you need to perform before curating content and beginning the preliminary steps of creating an online course. Some of the strategies discussed here need some research beforehand to be useful to you. However, most of the guidelines discussed here are pretty straightforward and they can help you to make sure that your course topic is sellable and your online course is in demand amongst other videos of the same niche. So here goes the list of essential steps that you should follow to make sure that you are creating the proper kind of e-learning course:

  • Niche identification: Before you can begin with designing the course and adding all formats of content to your online course, you need to first decide on a set topic and identify the niche it belongs to. Niche identification helps you to have a clear idea about what you want to create and then just move ahead with scripting the details of your work. Niche identification at the beginning of the course creation process also helps you to judge the sustainability of profits from your course.
  • Setting up goals and objectives: Before you can begin to build on your core idea for the online course, you need to set up certain learning goals and the path through which faculty will guide the minds of your learners. The objectives of your online course need to be clear for the benefit of both faculty as well as students. Statistics suggest that 53% of students feel more comfortable enlisting with a course that has a clear learning goal and path set up with progress milestones on the way.
  • Determining the type of course: E-learning courses vary from informative ones to hands-on demonstrations to motivational courses to other courses where focus relies on behavioural changes. Before you can create content and other resources for your online course, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to develop and most importantly what your target audience wants from online courses such as the one you build.
  • Curate or create: Most online courses either curate content from already existing sources while others create their own content via faculty members and other teaching aids such as graphics and scenarios. Depending on the number of resources available and time that you can invest in creating your online course, you can choose to either curate or create your content for the online course you wish to build.
  • Target audience identification: Identifying your target audience is probably the most crucial step that you need to perform. The reason why this identification is so crucial is because of its importance to marketing schemes and the way your course is perceived by the learners belonging to your target group. Depending on your target audience group, you need to alter certain aspects of your course such as availability of the course over apps and dynamic LMS for younger age groups or availability of simple navigation for older/ technologically handicapped people.
  • Create, refine, market: So far, we have focused on steps that will help your course to stand out from similar videos belonging to the same niche. However, the most important aspect of any online business is their marketing schemes. Your marketing schemes can make or break your profits as they are responsible for luring in customers and making your target audience believe that they would prefer your courses over all others. So you need to ensure that you save up a certain block of resources as well as money for setting up marketing schemes that will work around the clock to generate leads and sell your course to customers all over the globe.

Following these steps will ensure that you create a wholesome course that is attractive to your target audience and has extreme potential for selling across the globe. To create your online course over a short period of time and launch it today, you can choose platforms such as Create Online Academy which offer a number of packages with inbuilt tools that will help you to create amazing online courses.

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