Importance of Real Life Examples in Online Courses

by Anand Tiwary July 17, 2020

Online courses are all the rage in recent times. However, most online course creators know that there are several pitfalls and challenges when it comes to providing a student with a wholesome learning experience without real-life contact with him/her.

  • So what can you do to bridge the gap?
  • How can you reach out and making learning simple for all the students enrolled in your online course?

The solution lies in real-life examples and analogies. Your students experience a number of things in his or her day to day life and you can easily grasp those daily experiences to guide them through complex topics. But why should you come up with funny analogies and smart real-life experiences? How could it benefit you? Well, you can create and sell online courses easily with these simple tricks up your sleeve. Here’s how.

Why should you use Real Life examples in Online Courses:

Online courses which are only full of textual facts or examples which have no real-world possibility might convey the facts but a good real-life example to support a factual paragraph will help the person retain that knowledge for long and make it easy to understand. Some other benefits of real-life examples are :

  • High impact learning aid

    Giving a real-life example can make anything easy to comprehend and it will help you to retain that knowledge for a longer period of time. Best real-life examples are made out of really simple experiences that everyone faces in their daily lives. Complicating the example might mean that some of your learners fail to understand it. To create high impact examples that your students can easily remember, you can use online course building tools and graphics such as the ones provided by

  • Provides strong engagement

    Teaching online has its own set of challenges. One such challenge is the rate at which students keep getting distracted off-course. Be honest with yourself and think about how many times you have zoned out of a class or a conversation even when the topic is an important or high priority one?
    The same might happen in your online course when the learner cannot relate to what is being taught in the course. This will hamper their learning spirit and it might even make them eventually drop out of your course. If you want to sell courses online then you need to make sure that your course is easy to understand. Engaging real-life examples provide the exact opportunity for you to make your course simpler for your learners.

  • Application and assessment

    Your examples help your learners to apply some of the topics covered in the core content and come up with reasons why the likeness is made between your topic and that example. This application allows them to also create a self-assessment of their understanding.

    As a side benefit, you also get to provide them with a little positive reinforcement when they understand your examples or analogies. is the ultimate platform where you can create and sell online courses. Not only that, but their arsenal of creative tools and graphics also allow you free rein over creating real-life examples, analogies and other video content to make your course topics more relatable for your learners.

  • Learning in the absence of scrutiny

    In the real world there are no do-overs after a wrong decision and hence learning from mistakes is often a costly affair. The same can be achieved through examples. These examples can easily be turned into interactive scenarios where your learner gets to choose his or her course of action. This would allow them to perceive their progress throughout the course in the absence of scrutiny. It will also allow them to make mistakes and learn their weak spots from their common mistakes.

    The power to learn from their mistakes without actually making them in the real world provides for a great platform for people to experiment on. provides you with all the online course building tools that you need to create interactive scenarios and real-life examples that will make your online course more relatable and thus more popular amongst learners. provides you with an arsenal of creative and marketing tools that allows you to generate quality online courses within very a very short period of time. Have an idea for an online course? Create an account on COA’s ultimate course builder and watch as your idea changes into a business in no time.

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