New Age Online Exams – Learning from the Mistakes of the Past

by Prashant R Shah May 12, 2019
Internet has transformed the education industry over the past decade or so. E-learning platforms are rapidly evolving making new ways and possibilities to reach out to every corner of this world. However, as the online tutoring businesses are flourishing there are some major drawbacks in the prevalent learning management systems.

Like for instance, in most of the cases the online exams or evaluations are not fully comprehensive as there are elements of doubts in its authenticity and the validity. Thus CreateOnlineAcademy has introduced certain ways so that the academies created by us can address the challenges which had troubled the online educators in the past.

Not Only Objectives: The e-teaching or e-tutoring evaluations are mostly one-dimensional in nature as they only incorporate objective type questions leaving no scope for detailed answers to be submitted and checked. The learning management systems of the past have considered online tests of e-tutors to be only multiple-choice questions but in order to take any e-teaching website close to reality, subjective type questions should be included. Hence CreateOnlineAcademy has taken the initiative and perhaps the first academy creator which allows the created academies to incorporate the option of inserting subjective types question into the entire set-up and the answers for those questions can be typed in a descriptive manner by the examinee.

No Scope of Cheating: Cheating in online tests is actually very easy as any examinee can copy paste the answers by opening any other window or browser in their computers. They can even text or call someone, they know, to obtain the answers while the test is on. There were no ways to stop this kind of behaviour till CreateOnlineAcademy came into existence. Now with the fool-proof system, the admin or the trainers of the created academies by us, can ensure that the right click of the mouse and ‘ctlr+ c/v’ options in the key boards are disabled during the test. Moreover, the system also takes webcam shots of the individual to check whether he/she is looking somewhere else or calling someone and screen shots of his/her computer on a periodic basis to ascertain that the examinee is not opening any other window in his/her system. This kind of perfection allows one to conduct tests with the maximum level of guarantee as per the state-of-art of computer technology and internet infrastructure in the parlance of online exams.

Auto Grading: Checking answers of multiple-choice questions is really a redundant process and sometimes it forces genuine mistakes on the part of the examiner. Human errors are natural and so CreateOnlineAcademy allows the created academies to develop Question banks which can automatically grade student responses thereby saving time for the trainers. The system also allows our created academies to send feedback to students on an immediate basis.

Value of Time: Most of the e-tutoring online tests are not time bound by nature and hence it provides ample opportunity for the examinee to indulge into malicious practices. However, CreateOnlineAcademy has literally put end to the Happy Days of the online exam cheaters thereby allowing our created academies to put time limitations to the tests. So, if the examinee is taking more time than usual then he/she will certainly miss out on the time line thereby justifying the overall authenticity of the evaluation.

Though it is a fact that cheaters will always try to find new ways to manipulate the system we on our part will try constantly upgrade these safety features for the academies created through

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