Overcome These 3 Video Challenges To Create Online Courses Smoothly

by anand anand July 12, 2019
Overcome These 3 Video Challenges To Create Online Courses Smoothly
  • 1st Challenge: – Making video efficiently without wasting time (because who has time these days?)
  • 2nd Challenge: – Making video on equipment that’s cheap and readily available, such as cell phones or consumer cameras (how many training departments can invest in high-end equipment?)
  • 3rd Challenge: – Making it engaging so viewers don’t tune out.

Characteristics of excellent training videos

What makes a good training video? Engaging video content is picture driven—people remember what they see, not what they hear. Excellent training videos are quick and easy to understand. A great training video tells a story. If viewers are left scratching their heads wondering what the video was about, it has failed.

The key is structure—always start with an overview and follow a logical sequence.

The content must be what the viewer needs in order to perform a task. Content becomes memorable when it uses creative repetition, that is, repeats key points in different ways. This ensures learning.

How do you do this with limited time and budget?

A trainer or designer needs to follow a workflow, completing each step of production in the right order. This is how TV professionals work, and it enables them to speed up their production time dramatically.

Putting these ideas to work

Are you already using video but want to improve what you are doing?

  • Make training video engaging by leveraging video’s strengths
  • Create short video, which is simpler/cheaper to produce
  • Implement an efficient, effective planning process for video
  • Adopt and execute the steps in the production process, from storyboard to post-production
  • Develop a professional production workflow
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