Strategize eLearning For Faster Enrolment

by Anand Tiwary January 30, 2021
Strategize eLearning for faster enrolment

It is very difficult to get appropriate audience appreciation especially since only one out of ten online courses gets properly recognized. The other nine just go unnoticed. This article will walk you through strategies that will help you make people buy your online course.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, but very few of us know about the second man on the moon. This is because no one remembers the one who comes second; it is always the first who matters. This article does not ask you to be first, but this article helps you to be the best.

For getting better understanding of the strategies that can turn the table on your side these are the points that help you understand the process better.

Make your audience your best friend:

Every successful course has its secret recipe that offers everything the audience asks for. However, it is not possible to offer everything that the audience asks for until and unless you know about it fully. That is why knowing about your audience thoroughly is particularly important before you plan to design a successful eLearning course. You should be amicable with their characteristics, learning behaviors, and pain points. You should be well versed in their expectations and try to fulfill them with your course. Only then they will love it.

Always remember that not everyone learns the same way. Until and unless you know exactly for whom you are creating the course, you cannot create an engaging eLearning experience. The course will not be successful. Learn how these questions can help you effectively analyze your eLearning course audience.

Make certain that the course topics are in market demand:

Do you know, what is the biggest fear of an eLearning course creator? It is the dread if spending weeks on creating a course, just to find out there if there is absolutely no one to buy it. That is why it is important to conduct research and ensure there is enough demand for the course in the market.

You need to ask yourself three questions-

  • Are people talking about the course topic?
  • Are people asking questions about it?
  • Is there any gap that the competitiveness is failing to bridge?

Is the answer to all these questions is yes, you should create the course because there are chances that it will become a best seller?

For example, most are people taking about six sigma careers these days. They are also asking questions regarding the different platforms. However, not many eLearning course creators have been able to provide relevant information about the field.

So, if you are opting to write on topics like ‘how to build a successful career in Six Sigma’, then the chances are that it will resonate with more people. And more the people, more the sale. You can always use the same approach to find out whether there is any demand for the course you are going to create or not.

Lay down clear learning objectives:

Would you ever buy a course unless you know about it fully and understood it or know how it helps you? You would not and nor would people to whom you are selling your eLearning course. That is why you should set clear learning objectives at the very beginning of the course. This will help your learners know what they are signing for and how the course will help them in their careers.

Here is how setting and progress clear learning goals will help-

  • It will add value to your eLearning course by allowing you to design learning experiences that engage learners and bring them one step closer to their end goals.
  • You can create a clear course structure once the learning goals are closer.

In simple words, everything else falls onto places once the learning goals are clear so you should aim for setting clear learning objectives.

Turn your learning courses interactive:

Boredom and distraction are the biggest enemies of a victorious eLearning course. They are the main reason why most of the learners have courses in the middle.  Hence it is important to focus on making eLearning courses interactive so that people who purchased your course stay till the end.


A successful course is all about contributing learners to a meaningful learning experience that makes them feel connected, engaged, and motivated. People will buy your eLearning courses only if it resonates with their personal experience, evokes their emotions, and helps them see how learning can help them in real life.

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