Things You Need To Know About Your Learner’s Background

by Anand Tiwary July 27, 2020

Online learning is no different than offline learning and the learner’s background matters more than you can ever imagine to be. Want to know why? Keep scrolling then.

Courses are more than its content and the learners also play an important part in it. As for the case of online courses, the people are choosing the best course for themselves and thus you also need to do some research to connect with them in a better manner. Here are some of the best tips on things that you should know about your learner’s background and will help you create and sell courses online which are tailored suited according to their needs and will connect with them.

  1. The Language Barrier

    English might be the common language in the world but there are actually 5 other languages which are spoken in the UN too. You might think that all your learners are English speakers but they might have a tough time using English for academics. You need to find out if anyone has any language preference or you can offer your course in various languages to reach out to a greater group of audiences. Experienced translators and a good localisation team can ensure that the content is suitable for audiences all around the globe.

  2. The Culture

    Various cultures have different rules and regulations to guide them and you need to keep them in mind while designing your eLearning course. If you want to include any puns or in course jokes, you need to make sure that they do not offend anyone as while they might be of entertainment value for some, some might get offended and leave the course altogether.

  3. Educational level

    Education is more than just school and the skillset taught at school. It consists of various skills learnt out of those 4 walls too. You can ask them all to fill out a survey about their qualifications, skills and how long they stayed in school. You should inquire and keep a track of self-taught values too. This proves that the employee has the ability to learn and how eager they are to do so. This information can help you build the right course for your audience and if you need any help, then you can use to create the right course which you would want to. This way your learners will always stay motivated.

  4. Finding the purpose

    One might not find the true purpose or meaning of life but you can surely find out the reason someone has joined a course. Sometimes it is due to a complaint issue or something required from them. It can also be that they really want to do the course and are self-motivated to complete it and hence they joined the course. Knowing the exact reason will help you to build a better eLearning course which they will fall in love with.

  5. Learning preferences

    Different types of people have different preferences while doing a course. Some prefer to read paragraph and others prefer to see it visually first and learn the steps from there. Some would prefer a detailed step by step analysis given to them in writing. Having an idea about what your learners prefer is an important part of the eLearning course design.

  6. Scheduling

    People who are in school have a fixed time for their class which cannot be changed. By college or university, many have flexible time slots as they are allowed to choose their own slots and courses. For adult learners, you need to find out how many hours they are willing to give each day for studies amidst their personal life and other daily challenges. By doing this you can build a better structure for the learners, despite the course type.

  7. Digital literacy

    Everyone might not be a digital master but not everyone is totally comfortable with the online world. Some find it hard to navigate through the web and this should not discourage anyone from continuing the course. Even using tough words or incorporating complex technical terms should be done with proper explanations. Adults have a tough time asking for help and hence they have a higher chance of abandoning something they are not understanding. Thus you should have a grasp about the technical literacy of your audience to keep them interested and on the same track as others.

Thus the secret of a great course is not just it’s contents but also how well it can connect with the learners and they can grasp it. With you can incorporate this to your course to make it the best online course ever. You will also find a variety of design tools and third party sales and marketing tools to help you build the ideal course which you need.

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