Why are Online Corporate Coaches Preferring Rapid E-learning Strategies

by Anand Tiwary August 10, 2020

The market is unpredictable as ever and the need of the hour changes very frequently and hence an organisation has to always upskill themselves to stay at the top of the game. They can either hire new employees or skill up their existing employees and the latter option is cheaper than the former. Hence this is where rapid learning comes to save the day. With the help of rapid learning, new courses can be created in a short span of time which can be used to keep up with the latest trends in the market. The below tips will help you create and sell online courses which promote rapid learning and keep everyone up to date with the latest technological trends.

  1. It is Cost-Efficient

    Rapid E-Learning is a method of recycling and using existing templates and formats to present new information and hence it not only saves time but also money. They are easy to make as the existing infrastructure already exists in some cases and they are short in duration. Making them from scratch also requires less time and money than a regular course. Hence Rapid E-Learning courses are cost-efficient to produce and an organisation can use them to decrease their spendings and increase their revenue.

  2. The translation is easier for such courses

    Big organisations can have multiple offices and they can span over various continents. Among these, there can be language barriers as they might speak different ones. Long courses take time to get converted into various languages via a word document or audio translation but a rapid course being a short one can be easily converted into various languages and is less of a pressure on the translators which effectively allows everyone to get updated and complete the course at the same time, no matter  what their language might be

  3. MLearning and Rapid Learning go hand in hand

    M-learning is the future of E-Learning and it is rapidly expanding every day. Through this method, an organisation can deliver their course online which is compatible with mobile phones and hence it provides flexibility with the time and space for the learner. As rapid learning is concise and short, they can be easily accessed on any smartphone which provides them with the ultimate flexibility to complete the course.

  4. You do not need to be a technical expert to develop one

    A normal course requires various skills or demand a specific skillset from the developer of the course for the course to be perfect but in the case of rapid e-learning, one can design a course with little expertise too. The main aim of a rapid learning course is to convey the information and knowledge across to the learners and hence the graphics or the presentation do not matter much. They need not be polished but still, the course needs to have a certain level of presentability for the learner to be able to navigate through it.

  5. It increases retentivity among learners

    Rapid e-learning courses are made for one purpose of conveying the information efficiently and rapidly. Thus there is no redundancies or extra information and the course hardly strays from the main point . The course stays relevant and always adhere’s to the information that is being tried to convey. Learners hence tend to focus on only the important parts ad can memorise them better. They can also use the courses as revision as the unnecessary parts are omitted and only the important and necessary parts are retained

  6. The best time to use rapid e-learning

    Rapid e-learning technique is to be utilised when employees need to be upskilled in a short period of time but there are also other times when it can be useful like when a small addition or change in the organisation needs to be conveyed and everyone needs to upskill themselves with it, then these type of small courses are the best way to do so. They can also be used when an organisation wants to save money and make courses which are cost-efficient.

Thus now you know the importance of rapid e-learning and why online corporate coaches prefer rapid e-learning strategies. You can use to create various online courses on an LMS loaded with tools that help you create content, graphics for your rapid e-learning courses. Along with this, you also stand to gain strong online and offline marketing support along with 24/7 technical support. Create an account today to create courses that are engaging, interesting and most importantly learner-friendly!

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