blended learning

Blended Learning: The way Forward for the Classroom Environment

by Anand Tiwary March 28, 2020 Blended Learning, e-learning

As our lifestyles accommodate more and more of the digital world, our learning modes keep changing as well. Basically, blended

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basics of immersive learning for dummies

Basics of Immersive Learning for Dummies

by Anand Tiwary March 26, 2020 e-learning, eLearning Courses

Hundreds of talented teachers around the world avoid opening an online academy in the fear of the complex technologies, they

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visually interactive quizzes

Importance of Visually Interactive Quizzes in your E-Learning Module

by Anand Tiwary March 25, 2020 e-learning, eLearning Courses

The e-learning world depends on learning aids and other tools to successfully provide their learners with a wholesome experience. Curating

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5 Advantages of Rapid E-learning

5 Visible Advantages of Rapid E-learning

by Anand Tiwary March 24, 2020 e-learning

They say that knowledge is power. With the growth of online academies and courses filled with knowledge about all spheres

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karen wright COA case study

Karen Wright’s Online Training Success Story – CreateOnlineAcademy LMS

by Anand Tiwary March 03, 2020 Create Online Course, e-learning, Sell Online Courses

Unlike most of my clients I actually didn’t meet Karen, online. In fact I had the good fortune of attending

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Scenario Based Learning

Scenario-Based Learning – 3 Reasons Why Learners are Preferring It More?

by Anand Tiwary February 28, 2020 e-learning, eLearning Courses, Online Learning

Know Why Scenario-Based Learning Is Loved By Learners? The world of e-learning is dynamic and fast-evolving. With more and more students

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Create Online Courses Using Micro Learning Strategies

Create Online Courses Using Micro Learning Strategies

by Anand Tiwary November 25, 2019 e-learning, Gamification, Microlearning, Online Learning

What is micro learning, and how might you use it to further your potential benefit? In case you’re similar to

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Employee Training Through eLearning

How To Conduct Employee Training Through eLearning?

by Anand Tiwary November 21, 2019 Corporate Training, e-learning, Employee Training, Gamification, Microlearning

The adaptability of eLearning makes it speaking to a wide learner profile. A well-designed eLearning program can in fact satisfy

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Future Scope Of Elearning In Modern World

by Anand Tiwary November 19, 2019 e-learning, eLearning Courses, Gamification, Online Learning, Virtual Reality

The developing pattern of digital learning is profiting society from multiple points of view. The across the board enrollment in

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Corporate Learning: Generalists V/S Specialists

Corporate Learning: Generalists V/S Specialists

by Anand Tiwary November 13, 2019 Corporate Training, e-learning, Employee Training, Gamification, Machine Learning

Learning leaders know this to be true:  preparing workers with the skills of the future is critical to company survival. 

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Corporate Digital Learning

Corporate Digital Learning Overview

by Anand Tiwary November 08, 2019 Content, Corporate Training, e-learning, Employee Training

Corporate digital learning is not an approach to training employees. It is not a format for content delivery, nor is

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Learning, Training & Development

Learning, Training & Development – NextGen

by Anand Tiwary November 07, 2019 Corporate Training, e-learning, Employee Training

We are living in the knowledge economy, where knowledge is control. Helping individuals learn, improve and share knowledge is one

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Tips To Run Webinar With Online Courses

Tips To Run Webinar With Online Courses

by Anand Tiwary October 21, 2019 Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Create Online Course, e-learning, eLearning Courses, Online Learning, Online Teachers, Sell Online Courses

Webinars offer the personal touch that online courses are frequently lacking. When offering an online course you ought to consider

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Pick Saleable Online Course Idea

How To Pick Sale-able Online Course Topic/Idea?

by Anand Tiwary October 14, 2019 Create Online Course, e-learning, Online Teachers, Sell Online Courses

Experiencing difficulty to find ready to sell online course ideas? Adhered on which theme to teach? Stressed that after the

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